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What do you do if you want to sell your home as fast as humanely possible? This is a question many home owners before you have asked themselves, so have no fear, the question has been answered. So, to keep it simple, you want to sell your home fast without being forced to sell for less than your home is worth. This is the problem; below are a list of steps you might want to follow to succeed in getting top dollar for your home as soon as humanely possible.

The first thing you want to do is get your home valued by a professional appraiser. The reason why is because they are experts at what they do, which is appraising the value of property. They do this daily, and valuing real estate is not as simple as it may seem on the surface. The reasons for this are tri-fold. The first reason why is because real estate is heterogenous, not homogenous meaning each piece of real estate is unique, each property has its own legal rights attached to it and various aspects invisible to the naked eye that need to be accounted for in valuing the property. Next, each piece of real estate is immobile meaning it is subject to externalities because it is fixed in place. This means the things around your property and things that may be constructed nearby have an affect in its current and potential future value. Lastly, real estate has a low turnover rate so the data for your specific property may not exist to give the appraiser a way to value your home accurately. Another thing to take into consideration may be the absorption rate. And, since you’re short on time, its best to get an appraiser to figure out the value of your home for you. Just remember, if your uncertain about what he (or she) has to say about the value your home, get a few more appraisers to get their take on the value of your property as well.

The second step you want to take in getting your home sold for top dollar as fast as possible is to get in touch with a hot shot real estate agent. The reason why is because they do this daily and the best one have done this hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times. If you want to get it done quickly, contact one of the top agents in your local market and let them know about you specific situation and see if they can really help get your home sold in the time-frame you want. this is especially true if you’re in a robust market like Vancouver, then you really want top gun agent in Vancouver. (Vancouver ranked #1 as most unaffordable in the world over New York & L.A. it may be the most robust) They’ll take care of your homes marketing, negotiations and have it put on the multiple listing service as well as other real estate browsing websites your customers are going to be visiting.

You can take some time in discovering the best real estate agent for your needs even if you short on time, you want to give this step extra attention to detail. Who you choose can make or break the timeline you have set for how much you want to sell your home for. You truly want to make sure you have the individual that has the appropriate knowledge and experiences in the local market. You want to make sure you get the best realtor in your local market for your specific need.

The third step you want to take to get your home sold for top dollar as fast as possible is to get your home to look presentable (you can check out staging tips here: Have a look at the lawn, cut the trees, turf and tidy the gutter. Though, this can waste time and you’re likely short of it would be best to go on craigslist or something and hire someone to do this for you, or better yet, ask the real estate agent you hired to suggest someone to do this for you.

So, there you have it, you want to get in touch with an expert appraiser to value your home so you have a rough idea what its worth (get in touch with multiple to see how, if and why their opinions differ), next, hire an amazing real estate agent and lastly make your home look presentable you can do this by asking your real estate agent to suggest someone or going on craigslist and hiring someone to do it for you. These are some things you can do to sell your home for top dollar fast. Wish you the best in your property sale.

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